Common Ways to Customize Sphinx Themes

Sphinx themes can provide a great out-of-the-box experience, but sometimes there is a need to extend its functionality in ways that are reusable across projects and more likely to survive upgrades. This article covers a variety of ways to achieve this using the following methods:

Documentation Internationalization using Sphinx and Zanata

One of the great things about Sphinx, is that it natively provides internationalization (i18n) mechanisms to facilitate translation using the common gettext method. The gettext files can be translated a number of different ways, but I have had great results using Zanata, a separate open source project that facilitates community driven translation.

Continuous deployment of a Sphinx website using Jenkins and Docker

If you have ever set up a sphinx project you have probably reached the point where you want to start automating the build and deploy part of the creation process. This can be done several ways, but I chose git hooks going into a Jenkins pipeline using Docker agents. I am also doing this as a single branch deploy using the master branch, how you get your source onto master is up to you.

Farmer of Bits

I recently tried my hand at cooperative small-scale urban “market gardening” as a hobby and thought I would document it as a comparison to writing software – because who doesn’t like analogies.

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